Sweet Potato – great source of Carbohydrates, abundance of beta-Carotene and Hemicellulose

The sweet taste of Sweet Potato is due to the Carbohydrates in the form of Starch and mainly, Sucrose. Since it provides with energy, it is good for consumption for those physically active. Sweet Potatoes does not only deliver Dietary Fibers, but also the amount of Sodium and Saturated Fats is almost non-existent.


Among the health benefits that Sweet Potato provide us, we should mention the Beta-Carotene. Sweet Potatoes are always associated with this key Antioxidant for which we know that is responsible for the protection of Arteries and prevention of High Blood Pressure.

Despite the richness in Starch and calories, this potato has beneficial effect on the Intestines’ walls and it is easily digested because of the high content of Hemicellulose. If you want to feel satiated for a few hours, then Sweet Potato is a worthy choice. Preparing them does not require long time. Although you can fry or boil them, the healthiest way is to prepare them by steaming. You can combine it with other vegetables for your dinner.

Energy 105 kcal Proteins 1.65 g
Carbohydrate 21.3 g Dietary Fiber 3 g
Vitamin A 2006 µg Vitamin B1 0.066 mg
Vitamin B2 0.147 mg Vitamin B3 1.01 mg
Vitamin B6 0.257 mg Vitamin B9 13.8 µg
Vitamin C 22.7 mg Vitamin E 0.28 mg
Sodium 13 mg Calcium 22 mg
Phosphor 28 mg Magnesium 10 mg
Iron 0.59 mg Potassium 204 mg
Zinc 0.28 mg Total Fat 0.399 g
Saturated Fat 0.064 g Cholesterol 0