Plum – Pectin abundance, Cleansing and protecting Intestines

Plum is rich in Pectin which has a function of absorbing the Cholesterol and water in the Intestines. Also, it stimulates the discharge of Intestines while it softens the Stool. The fibers in Plums, especially in dried Prunes/Plums, protect the walls of Intestines. Some researches show that the more you eat dried Plums per day, the more soft is the Stool which later is ejected from the body.


Other than their good taste, and the above mentioned influence, their positive side is also the long list of advantages regarding consumption of this fruit. Plums are not only good because they help lowering the Cholesterol level, but also prevent Rheumatism, Arthritis, Liver disease and Arteriosclerosis.

Among all the mentioned benefits of consuming Plums, preventing Colon Cancer, as well as stopping its development, may be among the most significant ones. It can be consumed raw, as ingredient in your mixed Fruit Salad, homemade jam or juice.

Energy 55 kcal Proteins 0.79 g
Carbohydrate 11.5 g Dietary Fiber 1.50 g
Vitamin A 32.0 µg Vitamin B1 0.043 mg
Vitamin B2 0.096 mg Vitamin B3 0.50 mg
Vitamin B6 0.081 mg Vitamin B9 2.20 µg
Vitamin C 9.50 mg Vitamin E 0.60 mg
Sodium 0 mg Calcium 4 mg
Phosphor 10 mg Magnesium 7 mg
Iron 0.10 mg Potassium 172 mg
Zinc 0.10 mg Total Fat 0.62 g
Saturated Fat 0.049 g Cholesterol 0